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Crown Troupe history
press coverage
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"The advertised venue was the Glover Memorial Hall, Lagos, but the unexpected happened. The young players were locked out. What's to be done? The students remembered the theatre maxim: 'the show must go on' and embarked on an improvisation that was simply a thriller"
The Comet, September 1st, 1999

"A half hour spent watching the Crown Troupe of Africa perform, is time, finely engaged. With this group, you get to laugh, think and give a round of applause in response to the sheer brillance of these actors..."
The Guardian, August 14th, 2003

"For Adefila, life starts and ends with dance, arts and poetry..."
The Guardian, January 9th, 2005

"After 10 years of intensive research and experimentation, Crown troupe of Africa is set to give the public memorable performances."
The Glitterati, February 19th, 2006

"The role of the art is to mirror the society, and when people ask me how we arrive on our plays, I tell them it is the society that writes our plays for us..."
The Westerner, February 26th, 2006